Thursday, November 14, 2019

9:00 AM

City Council Work Session
Council Chambers
Agenda Item #1
Agenda Item #2
Representatives from the Urban Wildlife Task Force will discuss the Committee’s progress concerning their efforts to educate the public regarding wildlife.
Agenda Item #3
#3 Information Technology staff and Paymentus representatives will discuss the possibility of a new merchant processing and payment processing system. Paymentus is a preferred merchant and payment processor for Central Square and Water Smart, which are currently being used by City departments. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #4
#4 Information Technology (IT) staff is seeking Council guidance on implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) on the City’s networks. IT staff is requesting contingency funds to be used for this project. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #5
#5 Building Department staff will present information to on proposed amendments to City of Pocatello Electrical Code §15.08.050. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #6
#6 Fire Department staff will present information to the Council on proposed amendments/updates to Pocatello Fire Code §9.04.100, “Fire Alarms”. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #7
#7 Public Works staff is seeking Council guidance regarding underutilized Public Works buildings. Due to merging of multiple departments into one facility, the Survey Annex, located at 1428 North 3rd Avenue, the Sanitation shop, located at 1121 South 2nd Avenue, and Street shop, located at 1080 South 1st Avenue, are no longer utilized. Staff is requesting to have those properties declared as surplus property and, when appropriate, auctioned off in accordance with Idaho Code §50-1401 Conveyance of Property. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #8
#8 Parks and Recreation Department staff will be present to review the final draft version of a Ross Park Conceptual Master Plan. Staff is seeking Council direction regarding the Plan and its adoption consideration. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #9
City Department representatives will be present to report to Council the implementation costs and ideas regarding implementation of projects as directed by Council at the September 12, 2019 Special City Council Mission/Value Statements Discussion Meeting. (ACTION ITEM)
Agenda Item #10
1:30 PM

Joint City/County Meeting
City Council Chambers