Thursday, October 17, 2019

1:00 PM

City Council Special Meeting
Blight to Bright Tour will meet at City Hall parking lot
2:00 PM

City Council Liaison/Work Session Clarification Meeting
Paradice Conference Room
5:30 PM

City Council Clarification Meeting
Paradice Conference Room
6:00 PM

Regular City Council Meeting
Council Chambers
Agenda Item #1
Agenda Item #2
The invocation will be offered by Tamilyn Carson, Buddhist representative.
Agenda Item #3
#3 The following business items may be approved by one motion and a vote. If any one member of the Council so desires, any matter listed can be moved to a separate agenda item. (ACTION ITEM)

(a) TREASURER’S REPORT: Council may wish to consider the Treasurer’s Report for September showing cash and investments as of September 30, 2019.

(b) GOLF ADVISORY COMMITTEE REAPPOINTMENT: Council may wish to confirm the Mayor’s reappointment of Ginger Smith to continue her service as a member of the Golf Advisory Committee, representing the High River Women’s Golf Association. Ms. Smith’s term will begin November 4, 2019 and will expire November 4, 2022.

(c) HUMAN RELATIONS ADVISORY COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT: Council may wish to confirm the Mayor’s appointment of Malliga Och to serve as a member of the Human Relations Advisory Committee, replacing Jamar Brown whose term expired. Ms. Och’s term will begin October 22, 2019 and will expire October 22, 2023.

(d) RESOLUTION – REVISED PUBLIC TRANSIT DEPARTMENT DRUG/ALCOHOL TESTING POLICY: Council may wish to adopt a resolution revising the Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy for Transit Department “safety-sensitive” employees, which replaces the polity previously adopted in December 2017. The revisions are based on recommendations from the Federal Transportation Administration’s triennial review of the City’s policies and procedures.

(e) COUNCIL DECISION – THE CROSSINGS DIVISION 1 FINAL PLAT (SECOND AMENDMENT): Council may wish to adopt its decision amending the amended final plat for The Crossings Division 1, subdividing approximately 37.31 acres of land into seventy-one (71) lots, subject to conditions.
Agenda Item #4
Agenda Item #5
Council may wish to take this opportunity to inform other Council members of upcoming meetings and events that should be called to their attention.
Agenda Item #6
Council may wish to consider an Idaho Community Foundation (ICF) grant application for the following requests:

a) Ratify an ICF grant that Parks and Recreation Department staff submitted jointly with the Pocatello Municipal Band in the amount of $4,725.00 and if awarded;

b) authorize acceptance of the grant and the Mayor’s signature on documents related to the grant, subject to Legal Department review. (ACTION ITEM)

The grant will be used to purchase the following: a bass clarinet instrument; replacement sound system; needed music stand and chairs; and musical scores for use by the Band during yearly Summer Concerts. There is no City match requirement for the grant.
Agenda Item #7
This time has been set aside to hear discussion items not listed on the agenda. Items which appeared somewhere else on the agenda will not be discussed at this time. The Council is not allowed to take any official action at this meeting on matters brought forward under this agenda item. Items will either be referred to the appropriate staff or scheduled on a subsequent agenda. You must sign in at the start of the meeting in order to be recognized. (Note: Total time allotted for this item is fifteen (15) minutes, with a maximum of three (3) minutes per speaker.)
Agenda Item #8
  1. Explanation of hearing procedures by Mayor or staff.
    • Ten (10) minute time limit on applicant presentation.
    • Three (3) minute time limit on public testimony.
    • Names and addresses are required from those presenting/testifying.
    • Questions/comments should be addressed to the Mayor and Council.
    • Council members must make their decision regarding the application on facts already in the record and information presented at the public hearing. Conflicts of interest, site visits and ex-parte contacts by Council members will be acknowledged.
    • Protocol requires that Council and audience be recognized by the Mayor prior to speaking.
  2. Mayor opens hearing.
  3. Presentation by applicant.
    Note:  Remember, applicant bears the responsibility for making his/her case. This is also the time for Council members to ask their questions of the applicant.
  4. Presentation by staff.
  5. Written correspondence submitted for the record.
  6. Testimony by those supporting the application.
  7. Testimony by those uncommitted on the application.
  8. Testimony by opponents to the application.
  9. Rebuttal by the applicant.
  10. Mayor closes the hearing and initiates motion/deliberations.
    Note:  The Mayor may choose to require a motion prior to the discussion in order to focus deliberations, or, the Mayor may choose to allow deliberations prior to the motion in order to facilitate wording of the motion.
  11. Develop a written and reasoned statement supporting the decision.